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Teenagers face ever increasing challenges in today’s fast moving world. More teenagers than ever are stressed and anxious about their lives. They feel depressed about their prospects, and often are affected by peer pressure and the need to fit in with others. With the lack of  of career guidance available at school it’s hard for teenagers to be confident about the life and career they aspire to.

There are also pressures from adults to pursue a certain career path without teenagers really knowing who they are or what they want from life. This makes choosing subjects, further and higher education and getting a job much harder for them. Over 70% have no idea what they want from life causing mental health issues. Yet I can help teenagers and their parents with all of these problems.


I work with teenagers, career advisers and parents to enable teenagers to:

  • Take control of their lives to reduce stress and anxiousness
  • Explore want they want from life to improve their prospects in life
  • Move away from peer pressure in order to be themselves
  • Find out who they are and what they want so that career guidance is more productive
  • Proactively manage themselves and their lives
  • Gain clarity on subject choices to help them design their own future
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that cause stress, anxiety and depression


All courses are powerful for Parents| Carers Advisers | Schools | Colleges and Universities.                                                   



– A vision of their future to work out what qualifications they needed

– Choose the right course of study which would help them in the future

– Coaching and mentoring to tap into their core passions

– A sense of purpose motivating them to work towards their goals

 The courses and workshops are taught by Lesley Strachan who is an experienced Jack Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles™ who has 30 years of experience working with people. I follow proven strategies, tools and methods designed by Jack Canfield that have been successful with thousands of people in hundreds of countries. I am very excited to be bring these workshops to the UK so that I can inspire and support teenagers here. 

The programmes are practical, interactive, supportive, inspiring so let’s get started today. I will take you through simple, easy to follow proven process to take your teenagers from having no clue about what they want to do to gaining clarity in terms of discovering their passions, dreams and aspirations to become global citizens of the future. They will then go onto creating a great plan for their own future.


You’ve been working with my son for 5 weeks now, who’s on your success principles for teens course. Please don’t say anything to him as it will really embarrass him, but I wanted to say thank you. Keep doing what your doing as he’s really enthusiastic when he comes home.

Normally he comes home from school and heads to his room, but like today, he wanted to discuss with me what he has taken away from you, particularly his subject cloud he downloaded. Anyway, he has another five weeks and I must say, I haven’t had to remind him to come, I’m so proud how engaged he seems to be. Parent DT Southampton

So, thank you

I took this course which help me to understand where I fit into the world of work. Now I have a better vision of what I want to do and think bigger than I used to. I also have created a new CV which reflects me as a person and got a job with John Lewis to show that I have work experience. I also created a vision board which reminds me every day of what I want to achieve in life. Year 11 student at Chamberlayne College for the Arts.

“With the ever-increasing pressures on our young people to perform well in their education, the rise in mental ill-health and the information overload society is learning to manage, Lesley has written a book that will not only help parents help their kids in their growth and development, but all adults willing to read and undertake the exercises shared. This easy to read guide inspires you to consider where you are right now and tune in to what you really want. When we go for what we want it ignites a spark of passion which is the fuel of living a happy fulfilled life with no limits on our dreams. Don’t you want that for your kids? This book will get you and them on the right track.” Becky Hill – Founder/CEO, Solutions 42 Ltd

Lesley Strachan has synthesized her 30+ years of coaching, educational research and experience to provide a wonderful guide for the seekers of living a purposeful life. Lesley’s deep knowledge within this area, allows both students, and adults alike to learn what it takes to create a masterful life for oneself. Full of enlightening stories and excellent but gentle exercises, this book is a must have to learn more about finding one’s path. Rod Ezekiel, Chief Inspiration Officer, Souls Quest

“So I just wanted to email you to say thank you, that you’ve actually changed my life in an hour and I’m genuinely excited for my future which is the first time I’ve felt this way”. Student Havant & South Downs College 


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