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Coaching For Teenagers
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I recently surveyed over 2,500 parents asking them what their top concerns were for the future of their young people. The experience for me was enlightening because I learnt that these are the areas that parents worry about the most.

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We worry about our kids: “creating financial independence, self-reliance, knowing what job or career path to follow, enabling more free time, improving physical and mental health, personal relationships in all aspects of life, self-confidence and being successful”

I’ve worked in the Education sector for decades. I found that over 70% of the pupils and students I coached had no idea why they wanted to do with their life which reflects parents’ concerns.

So, I decided to lead the way and design a programme to help pupils called The Success Principles™ which has been rolled out in several schools with amazing results. Teenagers find out what they want, create a vision board and a road map of how to get there.

This is valuable for both parents and careers leaders to help students focus on what each student wants rather than being guided down a route that might not be right for them.

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