I was in a school yesterday teaching The Success Principles for Teens™ and we were focusing on pupils taking 100% responsibility for their lives. In the first week the pupils identified 6 areas of their lives where they could take more responsibility. This week we reflected on what they had done differently. The feedback included “I’ve started to go to exam revision classes.” ”I decided  to attend school more often.” “I decided to start revising instead of gaming for 4 hours.” “I eat dinner with the family now, “I decided to stop arguing with my teachers.”

With one simple exercise the pupils are making positive changes to their lives and those around them. Well done everyone, good job!


A proud Mum

You’ve been working with my son for 5 weeks now, who’s on your success principles for teens course.

Please don’t say anything to him as it will really embarrass him, but I wanted to say thank you.  Keep doing what your doing as he’s really enthusiastic when he comes home.

Normally he comes home from school and heads to his room, but like today, he wanted to discuss with me what he has taken away from you, particularly his subject cloud he downloaded.

Anyway, he has another five weeks and I must say, I haven’t had to remind him to come, I’m so proud how engaged he seems to be.

So, thank you


Great Marlow School

Loving my job and super excited to be working with students from GreatMarlowSchool for the next 8 weeks. This week was our introductory session where we explored how to take 100% responsibility for their lives. We then went through a thought provoking exercise called ‘I want’. This included things they want to do e.g. travel, things they want to have e.g. a house to live in and things they want to be e.g. happy and relaxed. The exercise will then feed into their individual vision boards and a 5-year plan for their future.

Next week we’re going to use some software to explore #careers #careercourses #apprenticeships #furthereducation options. If you want some of this why don’t you do the exercise for yourself?



Employability skills

As a freelance academic, I’m having a great time with third year students at Southampton University. I am coaching them to scale-up a virtual bicycle company called SimVenture Evolution.


I wanted to fast track the students marketing knowledge and experience by having them take over the virtual business after three years of successful training. So far we have completed a full analysis of the company and the teams are now using Ansoff’s matrix to decided what strategy to peruse for the next 6 years.


I love teaching this simulation because the students take on directors roles, are in full control of their learning and develop key employability skills throughout the module.


Next week they will be playing out their strategies competing against each other to be the market leader. They are then assessed on a number of learning outcomes for their final year of studies. I wish them all the luck in the world as we move into the competition.



Ofsted widens it’s inspections

From September 2019 Ofsted began to use the new Education Inspection Framework to conduct all inspections of secondary, PRU, special school, further education colleges and sixth form provision.

The guide will enable leaders to consider how making progress towards meeting
all eight Gatsby Benchmarks adds capacity to schools’ ability to “prepare pupils
for future success in their next steps” as detailed in the Education Inspection
Framework. This does imply a broader definition of careers and encompasses every
learner identifying, developing and articulating their skills interests and talents.
It also involves enabling students to develop the knowledge, understanding and
skills needed to “be successful in life”.

We warmly welcome this move since we are committed to coaching young people in the development of their behaviours and attitudes, personal development and leadership skills in schools. Our 10-week after school programme is making significant improvements in pupils soft skills and we measure this through an impact study for each individual student.

Impact study image

What does E + R =?

No it’s not algebra….

It stands for Event + Response = Outcome.

The basic idea is this: Every outcome we experience in life (whether it’s success or failure, health or illness, happiness or frustration) is the result of how we have responded to an earlier event (or events) in our lives.

If you don’t like the outcomes you are currently getting, there are two choices you can make:

  1. You can blame the event (E) for you lack of results (O) or
  2. You can instead simply change your responses (R) to the events (E) – the way things are-until you get the outcomes (O) you want

We’re practising this with teenagers at school this week.

What will you do differently this week?


Improving physical & mental health

Here I am at Chamberlayne School today. In today’s coaching session we’re going to be looking at how to improve our physical and mental health.

At the moment this is really important as we come towards the exam season.

So, we’ll be looking at different hobbies/ fitness and relaxation techniques to help our lovely teenagers be more in control of their lives.

When we’ve decided what to do we’ll be finding images of our hobbies/fitness and relaxation techniques to put on our vision board to keep us visually focused on making time for ourselves.


Transforming young lives.

I’ve devoted my life to transforming the lives of young people because many of those I work with in schools, colleges and universities:

  • feel lost & doubt themselves
  • want a job but don’t know what to do
  • need to improve their health and well-being
  • keep quitting and need to be more resilient
  • procrastinate and don’t act on what they want
  • and need to develop employability skills

My unique workshops are based on a proven system called The Success Principles for Teens™. We have been this coaching system successfully for over 40 years as trainers in The Jack Canfield Training Group.

Last term I worked with pupils at The Chamberlayne College for the Arts and I wanted to share the results of the programme with you. We know as trainers that the system works so it’s brilliant to have hard evidence to prove it.

Impact study image