Transforming young lives.

I’ve devoted my life to transforming the lives of young people because many of those I work with in schools, colleges and universities:

  • feel lost & doubt themselves
  • want a job but don’t know what to do
  • need to improve their health and well-being
  • keep quitting and need to be more resilient
  • procrastinate and don’t act on what they want
  • and need to develop employability skills

My unique workshops are based on a proven system called The Success Principles for Teens™. We have been this coaching system successfully for over 40 years as trainers in The Jack Canfield Training Group.

Last term I worked with pupils at The Chamberlayne College for the Arts and I wanted to share the results of the programme with you. We know as trainers that the system works so it’s brilliant to have hard evidence to prove it.

Impact study image

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What is ONE big goal you could achieve in 2020 that will have a huge positive impact in all areas of your life?

Maybe in 2020 you want to…

  • Earn more money
  • Make a career change
  • Start a business
  • Write that book
  • Cultivate a positive success mindset
  • Embark on an exciting new project
  • Find love (with others AND yourself)
  • Get healthy & strong
  • Complete a marathon
  • Align your life with your purpose & passion
  • Travel around the world
  • Find your dream home
  • Experience more joy and meaning in everything you do
  • OR…?

Whatever goals you dream of achieving in the next 12 months, I can help you make it happen! Let’s make 2020 your most amazing year yet.

Early Careers

I have the best jobs in the world.

Thanks to Safia for the opportunity of teaching  Innovation and Enterprise to third year students at London South Bank University last semester.

The module gave students the experience of innovation processes in business and enterprise and they explored the factors which contribute towards successful planning, project management and execution of business concepts.

After completing the Lord Mayor’s Entrepreneur challenge we went on to use SimVenture Evolution.

Evolution is an on-line simulation game which we used to scale-up a virtual bicycle manufacturing company. The students had to analyse the business, design a strategic plan and execute it to achieve financial targets.

Here we are on the day of teaching. Well done everyone, it was huge pleasure to work with you all.


Fun ways to teach Entrepreneurship

I had a great day with Matt Draycott at The Royal Agricultural University just before Christmas.

We worked together to embed SimVenture Evolution into a Foundation year programme of study. SimVenture Evolution is a business simulation game which helps students understand the factors involved in running a successful enterprise.

Between us we also linked the module to the EntreComp entrepreneurship competence model to assess the development of students entrepreneurial skills.

The students will be working in teams and competing against each other and have some exciting assessments which will test their knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship.

Thank you Matt for your hospitality and great company.


January blues?

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Thank you to Birmingham City University

You know sometimes you get some really good jobs where you can make a difference? Then on top of that you get to work with some awesome people.

I’ve just finished my external examiners role with BCU and want to thank them for all the immense hard work the staff do there both with the content of the courses and the support they give to students.

I had a lovely surprise over Christmas when a gift arrived from Nicola Gittins @ BCU which included all the things I’m going to need for the next semester.

Thank you all.