Feeling anxious or stressed?

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed the chances are that you need to make some changes to your life.

BUT…what should you do?

The first step is decide what you want to change and then you just need to start and work towards it…

Even a small step towards your goals, is a step in the right direction.

What’s stopping you from starting?

Drop me a message and let me know.

I’m going to be starting some life coaching meet ups soon so why not join me?

The first one is called “What do you want?” So what do you want?

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Teaching at Winchester School of Art again…

I’m super happy to be working with Nik Mahon, and his team at Winchester School of Art again this year. I’m co-teaching 140 students on a module called MA Global Advertising & Branding.

This year is doubly challenging because some students have remained overseas and some are in the UK so we have to cater for all languages, experience, and time zones.

There is NO face to face teaching so we’ve needed to be resilient and creative to keep students interacted and engaged with their on-line learning.


Do you know what a seriously undervalued strength is?

Resilience – The ability to be happy and successful again after something difficult or bad has happened.

When you have the mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude required to overcome challenges, adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and rise back to your feet every time life pushes you to your knees, nothing will stand in the way of your dreams!

It’s all in your head!

  • The level of success you’re able to achieve in life.
  • The amount of joy you experience on a day-to-day basis.
  • The ease or difficulty with which you overcome obstacles and challenges.

The sense of purpose and fulfilment you enjoy in everything you do.

All of these things are entirely in your head!

That’s because your mindset determines the quality of your thoughts – and your thoughts create your reality.

YOU get to decide how you’re going to show up in the world.

You get to decide how you respond to the events that happen in your life.

You get to decide how big your dreams will be – as well as the actions you will take to achieve those dreams.

The most important thing for you to remember is this: you are not powerless.

You have the capacity to achieve any goal you can imagine!

All you have to do is cultivate the positive mindset, resilience, and unwavering commitment to make it happen.

Here’s to your success!

With love Lesley

New Mentoring Programme Launches

I am proud to announce to launch of a new mentoring programme for schools.

Working in collaboration with Mrs Mary Agbozo-Sarfo at Wycombe High School we launched the programme this month on-line.

The project involves Year 12 students mentoring younger pupils.

The joy is that when Covid ends these newly trained mentors will go out into the community and support other young people.

Coaching the Year 12 ladies on-line was amazing.

They were so interactive and engaged and really wanted to make a difference in the world.

They all now have a mentor and mentee handbook, and we will be catching up later this year to see how they got on.

If you’d like a peer mentoring programme for your school contact me today.

What the world needs now

Do you know what I’ve been thinking a lot about these past few days?

The power of accountability.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that accountability plays a HUGE role in my personal and professional success methodology.

When we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, our productivity soars and we end up achieving our goals faster and more easily.

That’s because accountability forces us to be transparent.

It requires us to critically evaluate our actions and their outcomes – so we can use that information to improve our performance and get better results in the future.

This is incredibly powerful stuff! (On both the individual AND the societal level, I feel I should point out.)

That’s why this week I’d like to teach you a simple but extremely valuable practice that you can use to hold yourself more accountable and take more powerful action toward creating the life you want.

This simple accountability practice takes 5 minutes a day but can double your productivity and help you make huge progress toward your goals. Check out this video by our CEO Jack Canfield and let me know what you think about having an accountability partner.

Have you lost a bit of yourself at the moment?

I hope you are staying safe and well?

A lot of people I’m talking with at the moment are telling me that they have lost their way (some more than others).

To inspire you all I am doing some live training to get people back on track.

So, if you’d like some time to re-discover what you want from life join me for some inspiration and support at what continues to be a difficult time for us all.

It’s More Important Now Than Ever Before…

It’s More Important Now Than Ever Before…

With all of the problems and uncertainty in the world, effective communication is more critical now than ever.

So many disagreements and arguments stem from an inability to communicate properly.

If we could just learn to express ourselves more clearly and transparently and really listen to each other with open hearts and minds, just imagine what we could accomplish!

That’s why, this week I encourage you to be more mindful of the way you communicate with others, both online and in the real world. Here’s a video by Jack Canfield who explains five communications skills you could practice.

Remember to practice the five communication skills Jack taught you in the video above.

When you communicate with others, be sure to ask yourself:

… Are you being impeccable with your word?

… Are you taking their words or actions personally?

… Are you making assumptions?

… Are you being a good listener?

… Are they really saying what you think they’re saying? (If you’re not sure, ask them!)

By improving your communication skills, you will make it so much easier for yourself to cultivate the connections, respect, support and affection you need to thrive in your personal and professional life.

To your success.

It’s time to look forward

Join me for the time of your life!

It’s time to look forward.

If you’re like most people, you may feel like you’ve been in a “holding pattern” for the past few months, with no clear vision for the future. After all, it’s hard to focus on the future when you’re not even sure what the world is going to look like a week from now!

But here’s a little secret for you – You create your future. It’s not something that “just happens” to you… It’s a reality you design with your own thoughts and actions.

So now that 2020 is over, I encourage you pull your focus away from the endless news cycle and turn your attention toward the thing that matters most: your own life and future.

Now is the time to get clear on what you want your life to look like in the months to come.

It’s time to create a fresh vision for your life and start taking the steps you need to take to make that vision a reality.

Because when you spend all your time obsessing about the news and worrying about things you can’t change, you distract yourself from the things you CAN change – and the positive outcomes you can create in your own life and the world around you.

So, this week I encourage you to take some time to focus on yourself and what YOU really want to experience in your life.

It’s the first (and most important) step to making your dreams come true! Join me for my live training sessions starting soon. I want to see you there and work alongside you.

Find out more here


“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

Quote of the Day

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

– Germany Kent

If you’re thinking about any kind of change small or large some and join me for some live training at the beginning of February 2021. Read more here.

Have you heard of the term, “doom scrolling”?

Have you heard of the term, “doom scrolling”? It’s when you scroll mindlessly through the posts on social media to see what negative stories are dominating the day’s news. A lot of us get stuck doing this… especially these days.

But constantly living in a state of high tension and dread isn’t good for you!

That’s why, I challenge you to turn off Facebook and Twitter and spend some time this week focusing on yourself, your needs, and what YOU want to experience in the weeks to come.

To help you do that, today I’d like to share some fun and helpful resources that will help you avoid common success pitfalls, connect with a positive and vibrant community, and get clear on what you would like your life to look like in the months ahead!

Grab your FREE worksheet called “What do you want?” from The Success Principles™ library here.