Sir David Attenborough

I felt compelled to hop today to talk about The David Attenborough Interview on the BBC. In this interview Sir David speaks about how we’ve overrun the planet and that we should all do something NOW. Furthermore, Covid has given us all an opportunity to re-think how we live.

You could ask me why it’s important and I would quote Einstein who said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Covid has forced us all to think about how if at all we need to travel. Do we need to buy and waste so much food? Do we need to drive to the gym and waste precious resources? The list is endless. What are you blaming and complaining about instead of taking 100% responsibility for? Is it fear or old narratives?

Personally, Covid has caused me to change the way I train – I’m not going to say it was easy, it wasn’t but if I didn’t change, I would have no business. How about you? Drop me a comment below to let me know what you’ve changed in your life, I’d love to hear from you.

The Lesley Strachan Show


I wanted to hop on today to say thank you for listening to episode 1 called How to get the life and career you will LOVE!

In this episode I’m going to talk about how to get started.

One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is that they haven’t decided what they want.

They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling detail. After being told repeatedly in childhood to be “sensible,” now as adults—in the name of being sensible—we end up becoming numb to our own desires.

There are too many layers of “should’s,” “ought to’s,” and “you’d better’s” piled on top of and suffocating what you really want. This causes you to doubt yourself and you end up stuck like a spider in a web – paralysed with uncertainty.

So how can you reclaim your true desires? How do you get back to what you want with no fear, shame, or inhibition? How do you connect with you real passion?

Listen to the podcast now to find out and then download my FREE worksheet and start your own ‘I want list here.

With Love


What do you want?

I’m excited to have launched my new podcast last month and it’s all going really well with over 700 views so far, amazing and thank you for listening.

Today I’m sharing with you one of The Success Principles called “Decide what you want”.

One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is that they haven’t decided what they want.

Listen to the podcast now to find out how to get what you want and then join me for a LIVE training session here.


Love Lesley

New Podcast

Episode 1

How to get the life and career you will LOVE!


Hi, I wanted to hop on quickly to welcome you to my new podcast called the Lesley Strachan Show

During my episodes I’m going to talking about how to get the life and career you will LOVE LOVE LOVE.

You are living in extraordinary times now. Life is  like a roller coaster isn’t it?

The stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed are distractions that’s costing you the life and career you could have. You feel stuck and unable to move forwards questioning yourself by saying things to yourself like “There must be more to life than this, but I don’t know what to do.” Can you relate to that?

Here’s the thing – you end up paralysed like a spider in a web and do nothing which fuels your stress. I feel your pain as I’ve been where you are now, it’s stressful not knowing what to do next isn’t it? Can you relate to that?

However, there is some great news coming I CAN HELP YOU. Please allow me to be your guide. The content I’m going to share with you is used successfully by thousands of people globally.

Over time you will  create a customised personalised plan which will transform your SELF-CONFIDENCE. The deep lasting impact of the podcasts will be your transition from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to achieving:

             A  life & career you will love

             Peace with yourself

             Your self-confidence

So, I hear you thinking how this different from anything else I’ve listened to. I totally understand why you’d think that. The difference is that what I teach works. I will  you guide step by step to create a customised plan to find the life and career  you will LOVE. It will transform your self-confidence and that’s what you want right?

I was in walking in your shoes for years until I found this content and then became a trainer because of the impressive results it gets. I’ve put decades of my experience into these podcasts so you can get there quicker.  One person said to me  recently:

“At the start  I was unsure of my future but now at the end I am worrying less, and this has really opened my eyes. I’m clear and positive for the future”

Your Happiness is guaranteed – As a Jack Canfield certified trainer in the success principles I’m offering a proven program that successful people all over the world have used for over 40 years – it works, full stop. If you have a problem, I will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to me. I am here for you.

In the next podcast I’m going to be guiding you through the first steps, so hop on in and join me next time. In the meantime enjoy Episode 1

With love Lesley


How to create balance in your life

I wanted to hop on really quickly to share this video with you which inspired me to create more balance in my life.
You might be feeling a bit drained during the pandemic right now – I know I am.
But things can be different if you take action. If you need help then I’m here for you. 
With love

Do Your Career and Work Values Align?

A misalignment between the two could make you completely miserable, trigger depression or even cause you to become physically ill, warns Saundra Loffredo. I tend to agree since many people I work with and especially teenagers don’t even know what their core values are.

In exercise 3 from my book we explore your personal qualities. To find out more about personal qualities type in the words ‘unique personal qualities’ into a search engine. One I’ve used before is by Compatibility solutions inc.

We choose our top 10 and then the top 2 and then find examples in our lives where we use those qualities in our everyday life. Many of my students start the process of finding out who they are. Why not try this for yourself and for your teens? It’s a great way of getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Coaching For Teenagers



University is NOT for everyone!

In recent posts I’ve given away free worksheets to start the process of pupils taking 100% responsibility and the teenagers always respond really well.

In class we often talk about Grades and these are important BUT they don’t help teenagers focus on what they’re passionate about and they often choose subjects, courses and degrees they are simply not engaged with.

So, The Success Principles for Teens™ Programme takes a different approach discovering what teenagers are passionate about and then finding a road map for them to take forward.

Consider this – if more teens know who they are, and what they want from life and their career and were passionate about moving toward would that be better than demotivated and unengaged pupils I’ve taught at Universities across the UK. I hope your answer would be YES.

At a workshop with a group of teenagers at Havant and South Downs College I asked this question “What would be the job you’d love so much that you’d do it for free but that you’d actually get paid for?” One young lady said she wanted to be a gardener and got clarity about the types of courses she would be passionate about pursuing. University is not for everyone!

Please ask yourselves and your teens the same question and see what the answers are.

Lesley Strachan is the author of “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.” Now available on Amazon.


Get your teens to take 100% responsibility

I have the great privilege of maximising the potential in the #teenagers I work with. Most recently students at Great Marlow School have been taking part in The Success Principles for Teenagers™ Programme and one of the first worksheets we do together is Exercise 1: How to take 100% responsibility. The power is given to #students and they decide which areas they want to focus on.

Some of the responses 8 weeks ago were: I will go to homework club, I will complete my homework on time, I will revise more, I will less argumentative, I will learn my lines for Drama, I will sleep more etc. Each week we revisit how that’s going for them and the progress they make which is amazing. One week straight after the programme one young man said “Right, I’m off to homework club – I want better grades, bye Miss”. You can imagine how happy we all were, amazing!

So, why don’t you try this for yourself and any young people in your household and let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment.

This exercise comes from my book “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.”Now available on Amazon.

Exercise 1_100% responsibilityprinciple1_responsibilitysentencestemworksheet

Coaching For Teenagers

Happy 1st anniversary

UltimateGuide4Parents Cover FINAL

70% of teenagers do not know what they want from their life and career and there are 4.9 million teenagers in the UK in the same boat! I know because I work with hundreds of teenagers every year.

My passion is to maximise everyone’s future potential and help them to find out who they are and what they want from their lives. Working in schools is rewarding for me when I experience students ‘lightbulb’ moments when they realise what they want and decide to go after it.

To help parents I also wrote a book which is celebrating its first anniversary this month (time flies when you are having fun). The book is called The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy, and passionate. All the exercises I use with students are in the book so that parents can help their teenagers as well.

Here’s an example you can use for yourself and with your teens to get the ball rolling.

Exercise 2: What do you love to do?

“What would be the job you’d love so much that you’d do for free but that you could actually get paid for?”

“Think back over all the things you’ve done so far in your life – what made you the happiest?”

Break your old patterns

If you’re feeling anything less than happy, it’s probably time to consider changing the way you think about the world around you.

Your thoughts have so much power over the way you perceive your reality! If your reality isn’t something you’re happy with, I can help you shift into something better.

Join me for this free short programme and let’s get started: