Canary Wharf!!!

Last week I was in Canary Wharf in my role as a Learning & Development for SimVenture Evolution which is a business simulation game designed to fast track learning via the immersive experience of running your own virtual company.

We were with a large corporate client and as usual it’s always hugely satisfying watching 100’s of people really engaged in their learning. The Christmas stalls were great as well.

Thank you

I was fortunate to collaborate with my dear friend Becky Hill who is also a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles. Becky took some of the training for a group of teenage students from Chamberlayne College for the Arts for me which was amazing.

Becky later sent me this card just to say thank you for the opportunity of working together. I feel so luck to belong to such an awesome group of trainers to collaborate with and look forward to many opportunities to work together.

Empowering Young Women

I’m really pleased to be leading the Empowering Your Future Workshop for 100 young women as part of International Women’s Day next March for The Basingstoke Consortium

Exam stress!

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about all of you doing exams today and thought this might help. Try it and let me know how you get on. Exam Success Meditation – Stay Calm & deal with test taking nerves & anxiety

Also you might want to join my Careers Leaders, Teachers, Parents  and Teenagers Network here and join in the conversation to tell us what you want and what kind of support you need @CLPTN

Real World Learning – making it real.

I am looking forward to the publication of a new book called Real World Learning – making it real. Exploring applied pedagogy in higher education. Written by Jonathan Lean, Jonathan Moizer, Cathrine Derham, Lesley Strachan and Zakirul Bhuiyan. The book reviews the role of simulations and games as proxies for real world learning. Lesley Strachan who is a learning & development manager for SimVenture Evolution is also a practising academic and has provided an 800 word evidence based case study for the book due out at the end of 2019.

Real world and engaging learning wins hands down.

Have you tried mindfulness?

Recently, mindfulness has become quite the buzzword, but how much do you actually know about it, and how does it work?

Mindfulness is the act of being aware and present in the current moment without judgment.

By practising mindfulness, over time, you’ll be able to improve your well-being, relieve stress, improve sleep, and focus your attention on what’s important.

Comment below with a way that being more mindful could improve your life.

Mindfulness is for everyone, have you tried it?

Why not have fun & learn?

Teaching at The Open University

This weekend I was delivering SimVenture Evolution a part of the Open University Accelerate Programme. The OU Accelerate weekend brought together a network of University academics and business leaders with student entrepreneurs to take their businesses and ideas to the next level. To help our entrepreneurs learn how to run a business I used SimVenture Evolution with them using a start-up simulation of a bicycle business.  They started with nothing other than £175,000 of seed capital and worked out how to get the business up and running. It was a great pleasure to work with these lovely entrepreneurs and I wish them success in their ventures. Thanks to Robert Wilson who gave students this great immersive, interactive experience.

Robert said after the event “The students voted SimVenture as their favourite element of the entire event and I’m really pleased with how engaged they were throughout the entire process. Lesley did a brilliant job facilitating and I even overheard one student saying she enjoyed learning from her experience just as much as the simulation”.

Well one team is winning then!

Feeling anxious, worried or angry?

Feeling anxious, worried, or angry? We all have moments like that, but those thoughts don’t have to throw off the entire day.

Practicing mindfulness means understanding that our thoughts are temporary, fleeting, and will soon be replaced with other thoughts. Once you fully train yourself to accept this, you’ll be able to take the next step – replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts!

Today, notice when you’re feeling a negative thought, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, picture the negativity exiting your body.

Try to flood your mind with positivity – start thinking of things that you’re grateful for, distract yourself by noticing the sensation of your clothes against your skin, or the ground beneath your feet.

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Balancing work & life

Our modern society is more plagued than ever by the challenge of balancing work and personal responsibilities. Increased pressure to perform well at work coupled with lack of communication and proper interaction in the home is a recipe for disastrous mental health and self-image, not to mention the negative aspects in both the office and home environment.

So how can you fix it?

As with any personal lifestyle change, small and consistent changes are key – it’s only over a period of time implementing new habits and slowly ‘weeding out’ the triggers and stressors that you might begin to see lasting change.

If you stick with me, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks about how YOU can improve areas of your personal life which when addressed will hugely impact your home and work life accordingly. The ‘snowball effect’ of having a balanced and stable personal life is the best way to start ensuring your work life is elevated to the same level, too.

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