A step towards a new normal – back to Uni

Another 1st…

Here I am at Winchester School of Art feeling super excited for the start of this semester.

The students are back in the UK and face to face teaching starts today. I can only hope that we can get a full semester of teaching in as on-line doesn’t work as well as face to face lessons.

I’m meeting students for the first time so I will need to get them happy and settled with some activities to break the ice.

On the other hand I’m feeling a but apprehensive because I’m having to think about one-way systems, Covid testing, whether the room has been cleaned, whether the café is open to supply me with endless coffee and tea!

I’ve also had to think about putting on make-up, what I’ll wear (lights, camera, action). It’s been such a joy this morning actually opening the wardrobe wondering what still fits me (do you know that feeling)?

Then actually travelling to Uni in the car since it’s been in the garage for months whilst I worked at home on-line. Crikey need to fill the car up with fuel now as well.

What a great experience today has been. The students were quiet but excited and everything went as planned.

What did I learnt today?

That my initial apprehension was totally blown out of the water by being back in a familiar setting and the joy I get from inspiring and motivating students.

It won’t be long before we all get a similar experience of the new normal.

What do you think your new normal will look like?

To your success.


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