Every cloud has a silver lining

Photo by Sanketh Hiremath on Unsplash

I thought I’d share a personal story with you this week which is difficult for me to say on paper.

Four years ago, there was a major re-organisation at the University I had happily worked for. In this re-organisation I was asked to reapply for the job I had won awards for over several years.

Someone else got my job and I was asked to stay on and mentor him! The experience was devastating. I was angry, confused, and unhappy. A colleague then said to me “It is what it is, and we are where we are”. That comment for some reason made me feel resentful as well.

To add insult to injury I was given an hour with a CV consultant who called me by the wrong name and started the conversation talking about the department I wasn’t even in! The problem here was I didn’t need a CV consultant. What I needed was someone to help me move forward. To help me understand what I wanted in the future and how to transfer the amazing skills I had accumulated.

By this time, I was training to be a Certified Trainer in The Success Principles™ and had a déjà vu moment and remembered that something similar had happened to me before.

So, I went back to my training and re-discovered Success Principle #1 and a little know formula called E + R =0.   

E stands for the event + R (the response to the event) = O (the outcome).

Here’s the formula in action for this situation:

E= losing my job

R = my response (angry, confused, and unhappy)

O = depression

Instead I used the formula to turn the situation around and this is what happened:

E = losing my job

R = my response (I’m, accomplished, confident and excited about the future)

O = I left and re-started my own coaching business and have never looked back because every cloud has a silver lining! Or in this photo a gold one.

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