100% responsibility – nothing less will do.

I want to tell you a story that changed by life in a big way. The story relates directly to the first principle of success called “Take 100% responsibility for your life”.

So, here’s the thing during my 40’s  I got divorced and had to go back to work full-time to keep us in a house and fed. My son Alex was 4 at the time.

It seemed each time I got a job I was made redundant from it pretty quickly.

I felt bewildered, sad, and confused and I remember crying a lot thinking “Why is this happening to me?” I’m highly qualified, do a great job but still I get made redundant. I don’t understand.

The problem I had to overcome was that being made redundant wasn’t about me as a person.

I was just a payroll number. My fears revolved around whether I was good enough in the role yet I knew I was good at my job.

I got in my own way because I didn’t see the signs that I didn’t fit into an employee role. I got defensive when being re-interviewed for other roles which didn’t fit my resume which led to feelings of resentment.

The risk was that I would be left without any money to pay my bills and look after my son. So I kept trying and trying at various different jobs.

I nearly gave up and thought that Government handouts might be the final nail in the coffin.

The moral of my story is that it doesn’t matter how good you are, when employers don’t want you, they don’t want you.

Then it dawned upon me that perhaps I’m not great at being an employee or having other people being in control of my life.

The lightbulb moment for me was when a colleague once told me “It is what is it and we are where we are”. You have to move on Lesley. She then added “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

It then dawned on me that perhaps there was something better further down the line, but I didn’t see the message at the time.

So, I went back to owning my own business again.

Now I decide what I want to do and when to hire in people to fill skills shortages when needed.

I am thankful, glad, and lucky that I am back in control of my life fulfilling my passion to help other people find their way in life.

Would I recommend self-employment. Yes, for me it works and works well. I control my week, my workload, and my time off, it’s amazing. I’m my own boss and I love it.

The interesting thing for me is that people hunt me down for work and recommend me for work, so I feel excited when I get up in the morning wondering what’s coming my way next.

So, the purpose of this story was to show you how I took 100% responsibility for my life and that you can too.

With love Lesley

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