Ambitious but feeling overwhelmed?


So many people have big dreams but fail to achieve them.

Why is that, you ask?

In my experience as a Jack Canfield trainer, the problem has nothing to do with their capacity to achieve those dreams.

(We truly believe that if you are capable of imagining a goal for yourself, you are absolutely capable of achieving that goal!)

Instead, the problem is usually caused by overwhelm.

After all, big dreams require big ACTION.

And with big action comes big challenges: new skills to learn… new resources to acquire… new people to bring onto your support team… unexpected roadblocks to impede your progress… and big leaps of faith into unknown territory.

All while taking care of the normal responsibilities of your regular life!

That’s why this week I’d like Jack’s tips on how to overcome seemingly “impossible” challenges and stay focused on your desired outcome – no matter how overwhelming the obstacles on your path appear to be. Watch the video here



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