Happy 1st anniversary

UltimateGuide4Parents Cover FINAL

70% of teenagers do not know what they want from their life and career and there are 4.9 million teenagers in the UK in the same boat! I know because I work with hundreds of teenagers every year.

My passion is to maximise everyone’s future potential and help them to find out who they are and what they want from their lives. Working in schools is rewarding for me when I experience students ‘lightbulb’ moments when they realise what they want and decide to go after it.

To help parents I also wrote a book which is celebrating its first anniversary this month (time flies when you are having fun). The book is called The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy, and passionate. All the exercises I use with students are in the book so that parents can help their teenagers as well.

Here’s an example you can use for yourself and with your teens to get the ball rolling.

Exercise 2: What do you love to do?

“What would be the job you’d love so much that you’d do for free but that you could actually get paid for?”

“Think back over all the things you’ve done so far in your life – what made you the happiest?”


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