70% of teenagers do not know what they want from their life and career

70% of teenagers do not know what they want from their life and career and there are 4.9 million teenagers in the UK in the same boat! I know because I work with hundreds of teenagers every year.

If more teens knew what they wanted it will lead to better subject choices, further education, job opportunities and enable them to be more passionate and confident about their choices in life.

So how can we help them to start thinking about their futures?

To start with how about asking them three simple questions.

I always ask all the teenagers I work with:

What do you want to do? E.g. get a well-paid job or enough money to go on holiday

What do you want to be? E.g. happy and like my job

What do you want to have? E.g. a car or a house

You will probably find that what they want isn’t that profound!

Get your teens to write them down (on their phones) until they can’t think of anything else.

Sometimes I have to ask the question “If you don’t know what you want – what don’t you want?” For example: Do you want to be homeless and jobless? No, OK so what do you want?

You could have these conversations casually over dinner or when out for a walk but please start to have these conversations now before we all go back to school.

Lesley Strachan is the author of “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.”

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