6 ways to review your life during lock down

If there was ever a great time for reviewing your life, the time is now. I work with teenagers and adults daily and it’s an immense moment of clarity when mindsets start to change, and we all take 100% responsibility for our lives and career. Here are 6 ways to review your life:

  1. Where did you used to travel to every day? Was travelling every day critical? How much have you saved on fuel and travel costs? Our household is saving over £300 a month on fuel costs and reducing the impact on the environment.
  2. How are you keeping in touch with friends and family? We have more communication now than ever before because I know for example that my 94-year-old Mum needs company, but I can’t go so I phone every day.
  3. Who could you do something nice for? There are loads of fantastic community support groups popping up so why not join one and support your local community.
  4. What can you do differently to create some time for yourself, your friends and family? The gyms, cafes and restaurants are all closed so why not have a virtual coffee break or lunch. I know some friends who had a virtual BBQ last week, it was great fun for all.
  5. When will you make the decisions to change what you do even if it’s a small thing? I’ve decided to be appreciative of the staff out there who continue to work during these difficult times. Yesterday I thanked the lady in our local Co-op for being there and keeping the shop open for us all.
  6. and finally why do we continue to do the same things and expecting a different result. I hear a lot of people who moan about their life but seem unable to take one step at a time to make the changes they so badly need. Unless you’re passionate about what you do take small steps to change.
Photo taken before lock down.

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