Ofsted widens it’s inspections

From September 2019 Ofsted began to use the new Education Inspection Framework to conduct all inspections of secondary, PRU, special school, further education colleges and sixth form provision.

The guide will enable leaders to consider how making progress towards meeting
all eight Gatsby Benchmarks adds capacity to schools’ ability to “prepare pupils
for future success in their next steps” as detailed in the Education Inspection
Framework. This does imply a broader definition of careers and encompasses every
learner identifying, developing and articulating their skills interests and talents.
It also involves enabling students to develop the knowledge, understanding and
skills needed to “be successful in life”.

We warmly welcome this move since we are committed to coaching young people in the development of their behaviours and attitudes, personal development and leadership skills in schools. Our 10-week after school programme is making significant improvements in pupils soft skills and we measure this through an impact study for each individual student.

Impact study image

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