Run your own virtual business!

Many thanks to Megan Breakwell who hosted an Entrepreneurship day of training at Wrexham Glynwr University this week.

Mature students and entrepreneurs spent the day playing SimVenture Evolution which is a business simulation game for start-up and businesses that are scaling up.

We spent the day analysing the business in preparation for taking it over as a management team, and deciding what our growth strategies were going to be for the next two years. We then executed our strategies and played in competition with each other. Well done to BMD Bikes Martyn Price, Bajka Furrer and David Donaghue who exceeded all the targets set for net profit, Sales account and net assets.

As a trainer I’m always working on getting people engaged with their learning. It comes as no surprise when I said “it’s lunch time let’s stop for a while”. The response was “No, No we need to keep going and win”. At the end of the day, I left to come home to Southampton and they were still playing. Now that’s what I call a commitment to learning!

It’s lunchtime – “no we want to carry on”!
Participants looking at the leader board working out how to beat the competition

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