Balancing work & life

Our modern society is more plagued than ever by the challenge of balancing work and personal responsibilities. Increased pressure to perform well at work coupled with lack of communication and proper interaction in the home is a recipe for disastrous mental health and self-image, not to mention the negative aspects in both the office and home environment.

So how can you fix it?

As with any personal lifestyle change, small and consistent changes are key – it’s only over a period of time implementing new habits and slowly ‘weeding out’ the triggers and stressors that you might begin to see lasting change.

If you stick with me, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks about how YOU can improve areas of your personal life which when addressed will hugely impact your home and work life accordingly. The ‘snowball effect’ of having a balanced and stable personal life is the best way to start ensuring your work life is elevated to the same level, too.

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