Preparing for an unknown world of work

AI & Robotics

This month JCI Southampton invited me back to deliver another workshop for them which I was really happy to do. The theme for the workshop was “Preparing for an unknown world of work”. During this highly interactive workshop delegates explored the evolving trends in markets and jobs from a global, UK and Solent perspective.

 On the back of a research project I lead recently we discussed the 4th Industrial Revolution and the impact that may have on us all. We did some on-line research regarding whether our current jobs will disappear due to an evolving world of Artificial Intelligence. & Robotics.

Interestingly some people were quite bullet proof because of the industry they worked in. Whilst others noted that their current job was over 80% at risk as automation continues to dominate the workplace.  We then spent some time thinking about how to future proof ourselves and put in place a vision of our new future and some ideas for upskilling.

Feedback from the delegates was hugely positive with many comments such as ” I see the importance of being ready for change and to be able to adapt”. Book me for your event here.

If you’d like free access to the report called Towards 2025: Evolving Markets and Jobs”  follow this link

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