Happy May!

The month of May could be your month.


Happy May! This month I’d like to focus on the theme of YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH.

After all, spring is the season of bringing things to life!

So, my big question for you is this…

What would YOU like to bring into fruition? And what steps can you take this spring to make it happen?

Maybe you would like to finally finish that big project you’ve been working on. Maybe you would like to start your own business or get a different job — one that brings more joy, fulfilment, and balance into your life. Or maybe you would like to achieve a health goal, gain a much-needed item for your home or business, or enter a new relationship with someone.

Whatever it is that you dream of, you can absolutely make it a reality.

But first you need to commit to that goal — and take consistent action toward it. Because if you’re not willing to do what is necessary to make those dreams come true, that’s all they’ll ever be: day-dreams.

That’s why my May PERSONAL GROWTH challenge for you is to really commit to your goals and start taking action toward achieving them.

To help you do this, I’d like to share some powerful tips on how to shift your energy into getting what you want and gain the momentum that will accelerate progress to your dreams, making it easier for you to achieve any goal you can imagine.

Master the Art of Completion

Unblock your energy TODAY

Unfinished items on your to-do list become energetic blocks that prevent you from gaining the traction you need to reach your goals. Here’s how to finally complete the tasks you’ve been avoiding — and create the momentum you need.

This could be the most powerful action you ever take.

Are you ready to take action?

Here’s something you can do this week that will move you closer to your goals:

First, identify a task that you’ve been avoiding or putting off — something that might not be fun but will make your life better in some way, such as doing an important home repair, organizing your workspace, or having a difficult conversation with someone.

Next, write down your answers to these questions:

What are the costs or consequences of you NOT taking action, and crossing this item off your to-do list? What negative impacts is it having on your life?

What are the benefits of completing that task? How will it impact your life, and how will you feel when it’s finally done?

Then commit to reading the answer to the second question every day, morning and evening, to keep the benefits of taking action top of mind until you’ve completed that task for good.

The momentum you create by crossing that task off your to-do list will make it easier for you to complete your next task, and the next. Soon you’ll find yourself making rapid progress toward your goals and easily attracting the people and resources you need to create the life you’ve always wanted!

THAT is the power of completion. Put it to work in your life ASAP.

To getting rid of your incomplete things in your life.

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