How to be successful

Intention is a powerful force. Fueled by imagination, it brings to life the dreams of champion athletes and best-selling authors alike. Tara Lipinski was just six years old when she decided to be a figure skater while watching the Olympics on TV. When her mother saw Tara standing on a chair and asked what she was doing, the future champion replied, “I’m standing on the podium at the Olympics receiving my gold medal.” When you visualize and affirm your goal, you give it a dynamic power that sets the stage for success. As I explain in my Success Principles workshops and on-line courses, this focus trains your brain on what you need to make it happen. The human brain has this amazing tool called the reticular activating system. It operates full-time to let in the information appropriate to our current intentions. When you form inspired intentions linked to powerful emotions, the reticular activating system filters out what you don’t need and lets in those resources you do need—the people, ideas, and possibilities accelerate your success. At Southampton Solent University we energized our dreams after The Success Principles course by holding a “Come as you are party in the future” when you have achieved the goals you set for yourself. I encouraged students to bring props and to dress as their vision of themselves in ten years and we celebrated their success. Here’s a video of some of the students explaining who they are in their own future. The Success Principles is a powerful course for students aged 13+ so would you like me to help jump start your students dreams and ambitions? The make contact today and let’s chat.

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