Preparing young people for the world of work that doesn’t exist yet

The other day I ran a practical workshop which highlighted future job and skill shortages due to developments in technology. Delegates had the opportunity to debate how we could prepare learners for a world of work that doesn’t exist yet.

I asked the question “if you could start with a blank sheet of paper what would you differently in your school, college or university”.

The feedback from the audience was fantastic so thank you to those who took part:

-It would be great to have a blank sheet of paper and start again with the curriculum and build in soft skills and connections with businesses because 87% of students benefit from a business supported curriculum

-Time and the pressures of delivering the curriculum get in the way of being able to be creative and do things differently

-Our children should be allowed to play and explore as Europeans do instead of educating them so young

-It would be great to have employers inside of education to promote role models and competencies – e.g. not just speed dating

-Bring Duke of Edinburgh Awards into Education

-Teachers and Careers Advisers should be allocated CPD time to go out and experience different work places and pass that experience onto their students

-Could use cross faculty courses to get more students experiencing new technology e.g. media students working with business students on projects

-Need to find ways of bringing AI, educational simulation games, games of life, data analysis etc into the classroom

-Need to find ways of fostering soft skills around the existing curriculum and why they are important – not just ‘this is what you need explanations’

-Teachers need to experience new technology more and embrace it in the classroom as the students will expect it

-Bring work experience into the classroom as well as going outside of the school.

So, what’s your next move towards preparing your students? Can I help or inspire you?

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