Teaching Marketing via Simulations

Just got my Southampton University ID card

I’m really pleased to be teaching a module at Southampton University. I’m teaching marketing theories, concepts, tools and models and applying them via a computer simulation.

In the simulation game, teams of students will compete against each other in one industry, and make decisions over a series of periods.

Decisions will be made in key marketing areas such as targeting of customer segments and positioning of products, analysing market research studies, pricing of products, advertising, research and development, production planning, product portfolio management (introduction, removal, re-design), channel choice and sales force allocation, amongst others.

This year we are using SimVenture Evolution. The simultion has been specifically designed to fast-track learning within corporate training and education learning environments. People use Evolution to start-up and/or scale-up a virtual simulated company and learn about marketing business, management, finance and entrepreneurial leadership.

I’m teaching third year students this semester who are wonderful to teach. In the simulation they have set up a company, allocated themselves roles and are developing their competitive strategy this week.

I love the fact that they are fully engaged and immersed in the simulation, ask loads of great questions and loving the different style of learning and teaching.

If you’d like to know more about how you can use SimVenture Evolution, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1757 248168.

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