Practising strategy through simulation games

A huge thank you to Mike Molesworth at Henley Business School for hosting a day of SimVenture Evolution for his Master’s students. SimVenture Evolution is our ground-breaking on-line business strategy game, which has been specifically designed to fast-track learning within corporate training and education learning environments. People use Evolution to start-up and/or scale-up a virtual simulated company and learn about business, management, finance and entrepreneurial leadership.

The simulation was part of a module called Contemporary Perspectives in Marketing which is designed to enable practising managers to gain a deeper understanding of several key special marketing subject matters and make informed decisions as they offer products and services to their customers.

The students were interactive and engaged all day and it was almost impossible to get them to take a break because they were so immersed in trying to compete against each other. Well done to all the teams taking part you were all amazing to work with.

If you’d like to know more about how SimVenture Evolution will engage and immerse your students, please do contact me.

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A great day with Master’s students at Henley Business School

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