How to inspire confident career choices


During the summer, I offered a summer work experience opportunity to a pupil from The King’s School in Southampton. His name was Ethan Brown and he was the best student I’ve ever had for the business and will go onto to do amazing things.

Now he’s gone onto #college I asked him whether he’d contact his #headteacher at his #school to see if I could go in and do a talk about how to find out what the #students loved to do and whether they could make a living out of their passions.

I recently gave interactive and engaging assembly at the school and I kicked it off with asking for three #volunteers to get the students engaged and involved.

I gave each student a poster to hold up and then asked the audience three questions:

  1. The first helper held a poster which said, “I have no idea what I want to do with my life and career”. We asked them to stand up and I was really pleased they did stand up because it’s quite a big ask to be so honest. I was reassuring them that there is no right or wrong answer and that I was here to inspire and support them to get a better handle on what they do want. Then a group of pupils stood up and we counted them.
  2. Next the 2nd student held up a poster which said, “I’m thinking about what I want but haven’t got very far.” Again, we asked the students to stand up for this as well and counted them.
  3. Thirdly, the last poster said, “I have an idea and I’m focused on what I want”. At this stage I found some brilliant examples including one young man who wants a career in professional basketball and had his journey planned out already.

The group then split into 2’s and we completed a workshop where one pupil asked another either “What don’t you want from your life and career?” and the answers could be something like – I don’t want to jobless or homeless. This technique works well with pupils who tend to think negatively about themselves. So, then the reverse psychology asks the question “So, if you don’t want that…what do you want instead.” This often triggers a light bulb moment for students.

By the time we’d finished all the pupils had a list of what they wanted or didn’t want and paved the way for thinking about the next stage in their lives. It also gives #careers leaders more information to help young people with their educational and job decisions.

The next stage is for these young people to complete a longer workshop either school or attend our 10-week programme. More details can be found here or if you’d like to chat to us about an interactive assembly for your school please drop me a message or email to

We also have an on-line course – find out more here

Here’s to the future of our young people. Let’s give them a purpose for going to school, help them to choose subjects, courses and careers which will inspire and motivate them to work hard and do well because they’re passionate about life.

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