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It was a great pleasure to train academics at Bath Spa Business School recently. Always at the forefront of engaging students in their learning Victoria Opara and her team are embedding SimVenture Evolution into a module called The Business Environment for first year students at the Business School.

The module is designed to enable students to examine the interactions between the external business environment and the business. The module also aims to provide students with an introduction to the external influences on the business environment e.g. the key features of the political, economic, social, technological, legal, ecological and competitive forces affecting organisations.

SimVenture Evolution allows students to run a virtual small business for up to 10-years. Within the internal business environment learners find out what professional and transferable skills they need to operate a business and be able to reflect on the development of those skills. The awareness and development of the skills they have developed also means their CV’s can be enhanced.

In collaboration with Bath Spa Business School we have been able to work together to provide a hands-on experiential learning experience which the students will enjoy, and at the same time be mentally stretched and challenged.

Together we have a programme of study which includes lectures, SimVenture Evolution one-page case studies, videos, quizzes and in-class hands-on running of the businesses.

The hands-on nature of the learning means that students learn as they go along and are immersed in the experience of operating their businesses and are in competition with each other. They also have the opportunity to work as a team, demonstrate leadership and discuss their strategy before making decisions and implementing those decisions.

Since tutors are facilitating student learning they have the opportunity to spend more quality time with students giving formative feedback and preparing them for their assessments thus enhancing the overall student experience.

It’s rare that students and staff have a great environment as well, check out these views they’re lovely aren’t they. It was also great to spend some time walking around the campus with the Head of Bath Business School Georgina Andrews who I’ve known for a long time now.

If you’d to know more or have a demonstration of the software please feel free to contact me:[1].jpg

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