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Everyone has big dreams. But why is it that so many teenagers fail to make those dreams a reality?

It’s not because they’re physically or mentally incapable of doing so. And it’s not because they lack the time or the money.

The sad reality is, most teenagers fail because they lack the confidence and belief in themselves required to succeed.

That’s the one big factor that separates the winners from the losers: BELIEF.

When you believe you can do something, you will. It’s that simple. You know the goal is within your reach and so you’ll do whatever it takes to bring about your desired result.

But when you believe that something is impossible, you won’t even bother trying. Why would you, when deep down you believe your efforts will be wasted?

That’s why confidence and self-esteem play such a huge role in determining your level of success.

The more confidence you have, the more risks you’re willing to take – and the more risks you take, the more chances you have of success.

Of the hundreds of incredibly successful teenagers I’ve met throughout the years, almost every one of them has told me, “I was never the most talented person, but I chose to believe anything was possible. And it was!”

So if you want to achieve big goals and create the life of your dreams, my biggest piece of advice to you is work on building your self-confidence.

Because once you cultivate an unshakeable belief in yourself, you will be able to accomplish anything you can imagine.

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Good luck everyone.


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