GCSE student pleads…..

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A 16-year-old took to social media to deliver a powerful message to education secretary Damian Hinds on the eve of GCSE results day. Read more

The interesting thing about this article is the view of young people that they feel they want more respect in term’s of their individual needs. Ellie is correct in saying that whatever results you get should be celebrated.

My concern goes further than that. Most young people when asked what they want to do in life don’t actually know and the careers advice they get is minimal. So I have sought to redress this by launching my on-line course for parents and teenagers which will support and inspire young people to find out who they are and what they want to do after school, college and university.

So, why not take a look – a lot of the on-line course is FREE and you can sign up here

Here’s to the future of our young people.

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