‘Mumsnet’ want confident and assured young people – do you?


“We can all get stuck in the trap of thinking it’s all about getting straight A’s at GCSE. But all parents really want for their kids is for them to be confident and assured and have great social skills and learn to empathise with other people.”

‘#Mumsnet’ founder Justine Roberts, Evening Standard, July 2017

So, what worries you the most about your #teenagers’ future?

  • Would you like them to have financial independence?
  • How will they find a job or career they’ll be passionate about?
  • What would enable them to be happy and healthy?
  • How can they become more physically and mentally healthy?
  • Would you like them to be more self-confident and resilient?
  • How can they develop meaningful, fulfilling and positive relationships and networks?

So, what would it mean to you if your #teens could achieve these things?

Well they can with our 10-week course called ‘Limitless’. The course is for young people age 14-24 and starts on Thursday 4th October 2018 in Winchester and runs for 10-weeks.

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Lesley Strachan is the author of “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.” Order Lesley’s Book Now and watch a mini video which explains what the book is about.

Lesley Strachan (MBA) is an Award-winning #trainer and #author and is based in Hampshire, UK. She is also a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles and uses her creativity and experience to inspire others through teaching, mentoring and coaching all over the world and has loads of fun doing it. Lesley has over 30 years of experience working in the corporate and education sectors as well as years of experience as an Entrepreneur. Her areas of expertise include: personal life coaching, communication training, leadership training, corporate training, health and wellness, and educational consultancy. Lesley is also a mentor for young people for EBP and an Enterprise Adviser for The Careers and Enterprise Company


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