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I’ve just read the new QAA documentation for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (2018) and was particularly pleased to see that there is going to be a new model offering a better way of capturing the outcomes for students who take non-traditional routes, including entrepreneurship, self-employment or freelancing.

The new format Graduate Outcomes Survey will replace the new DLHE and may also provide insightful evidence though more longitudinal insights. Since many students do not follow a traditional pathway of employment this model is welcome. The full documentation can be found here if you haven’t seen it yet, Enterprise-and-entrpreneurship-education-2018

As one of the learning of development managers at Venture Simulations Ltd we’re currently mapping  SimVenture Evolution to the new QAA documentation. We’ve already mapped the simulation to the QAA subject benchmark statement for Business and Management (2015) to enable tutors to have the confidence that the software has been fully mapped for quality purposes and all the learning outcomes are met.

SimVenture Evolution fast tracks learning through the immersive experience of running a virtual business from start-up and runs for 10-years. Research studies show that students become more aware of and develop key employability skills whilst running their virtual business.

Evolution map

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