Learning & Development is focusing more at how content and programs are consumed


Goals for learning and development (L&D) in 2017 were focused on compiling employee data to understand employee interests for the promotion of content and programs.

In 2018, L & D is focused more at how content and programs are consumed and engaged while shifting the user experience (UX) to be more of a social reflex.

Aberdeen has found that more than 80% of learning management systems (LMS) remain fully automated. However, full automation inhibits social engagement and feedback, detracting from two-way communications which Aberdeen has found are functional to what employees seek in a good workplace.

My experiences working in the L & D space is that learners want to be engaged with their learning, have some social engagement and two-way communication. So, how can this be achieved. Perhaps, L & D professionals might want to consider different learning platforms and experiences such as playing business simulation games in teams on a face-to-face basis which would alleviate learners’ concerns.

Gamification also brings staff from different levels together and has proven to be effective in the development of skills such as self-management, teamwork, business and customer awareness, problem-solving, communication, numeracy, IT skills and developing positive attitudes.

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