The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate

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“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Excerpt from the book:

“Everyone needs a coach” – some of the most successful people in the world have a coach including Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and Tony Robbins. Coaching is an excellent technique for both adults and young people to gain a different perspective on life and to get feedback on what they’re doing.  I agree and strongly believe that whether the coaching is professional or voluntary, it needs to be more closely in tune with the needs and aspirations of those being coached to be effective, because we’re all different.

Thinking back to our school days, we were taught various subjects, given a bit of guidance about what career we should follow and that’s about it. There weren’t, and still aren’t, any excellent coaching programmes in school unless you’re an athlete. Furthermore, with recent UK government policy suggesting that all young people should have a coach or mentor, it’s difficult to see how this would work in practical terms. This situation continues to be of concern since the education sector continues to cut budgets and careers services, which I’m going to talk about in greater detail later.

During my teaching career I’ve never seen or experienced how schools, colleges and universities and, for that matter, workplaces tap into the root passions that we are all born with. Imagine if the education system tapped into our core passions and promoted educational subjects around those passions instead of trying to pigeonhole everyone?

As we get older it doesn’t get much better. How many adults do you know that are stuck in a job they have no passion for? It might even be you! Employers who have training budgets train them in the skills and capabilities to do the job. What they don’t do enough of is align people’s passions, skills and abilities to the organization’s purpose. Wouldn’t the country be more productive if we all loved our lives and our jobs? Maybe it’s something we should all aspire to?

Having worked with thousands of young people, my purpose in life is to inspire and support parents, guardians and those who meet young people to coach them towards a life and career filled with purpose and have fun doing it. That is the reason why I’ve written this book.

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I love what I do because of the results I get working with both adults and young people. I see people’s eyes light up when they realise what’s possible and they see a future for themselves. This is particularly important for what we describe as the lost generation of children. With adults I experience people ditching the jobs they hate and starting to follow their true passion in life. With young people I love to see them discover what they want to do in life as this helps them focus on their choice of studies. What’s your story going to be?

This is not a book of good ideas. This is a book of timeless principles used by successful people all over the world. I have studied these Success Principles for over 10 years and have applied them to my own life. My success includes being an award-winning coach, consultant, trainer, speaker and adviser to thousands of young people and adults in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. I get to travel which I love to do and network with positive like-minded professionals daily.

Lesley Strachan (MBA) is an Award-winning coach| consultant| speaker| trainer and adviser and is based in Hampshire, UK. She is also a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles and uses her creativity and experience to inspire others through teaching, mentoring and coaching all over the world and has loads of fun doing it. Lesley has over 30 years of experience working in the corporate and education sectors as well as years of experience as an Entrepreneur. Her areas of expertise include: personal life coaching, communication training, leadership training, corporate training, health and wellness, and educational consultancy. Lesley is also a mentor for young people for EBP and an Enterprise Adviser for The Careers and Enterprise Company

Lesley’s latest book is due out at the end of May 2018 soon called “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.” Pre-Order Lesley’s Book and watch a mini webinar which explains what the book is about.


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