How to give your kids the best start in life

I recently surveyed over 2,500 parents asking them what their top concerns were for the future of their young people.

These are the things that worry parents the most:  

 Creating financial independence and self-reliance

  • Knowing what job or career path to follow
  • Getting back more free time
  • Improving physical and mental health
  • Improving relationships in all aspects of life
  • Wanting their young people to be more self-confident, successful, passionate and fulfilled
  • The global and local community and their children’s role in it

I’m Lesley Strachan, and having worked in the Higher Education sector for many years, I found that over 50% of the students I taught had no idea why they were on their degree course or what they wanted to do afterwards. This impacted on their studies negatively. I also visited colleges and schools and found the same thing. This worried me.

So I asked myself:

  • What if young people did have a vision of their future and could then work backwards to find out what qualifications they needed?
  • What if they were able to choose the right course of study which would help them in the future?
  • What if they had the coaching and mentoring support to tap into their core passions instead of trying to pigeon hole them?
  • Would that inspire them to work towards their goals because they had a sense of purpose? 

And let’s be honest, as we get older it doesn’t get much better. How many adults do you know that are stuck in a job they have no passion for? It might even be you! Employers who have training budgets train them in skills and capabilities to do the job. What they don’t do enough of is to align people’s passions, skills and abilities to the organisation’s purpose. Wouldn’t the country be more productive if we all loved our lives and our jobs? Maybe it’s something we should all aspire to?

Well the answer is right here in my latest book called The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.

The book gives you the most successful self-development techniques I know of, and I’ve combined them with the unique practices I use as a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles to help parents and teachers coach young people towards achieving a purpose in life.

Do you have young people aged 14+ or know someone who has? Then this book is for you.

You can pre-order my book here.

The book will be out in May 2018, and if you can’t wait, then please watch this mini video, which explains what the book is about.

Work together with your young people to find out how they can get passionate about their future, and work with them and you can do too!

Bio: Lesley Strachan is an award-winning Coach and Trainer and has been working in the education sector for over 30-years. She has worked with thousands of young people as a teacher, lecturer, a mentor with EBP South and is an Enterprise Adviser with The Careers and Enterprise Company.

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