It’s Saturday – clear up your mess!


If like me you get irritated by some of the little things in life why not do something about it today? So, when you do eventually get up what would be the one thing you could do today and count it as a successful day?

Some ideas:

  • Clear out your old clothes and take them to the recycle bank
  • Eat properly for one meal
  • Tidy up one room – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find when you’re not looking
  • Read a great self-development book
  • Switch off your mobile for an hour (yes I did just say that)?
  • What’s on your mind today?


One thought on “It’s Saturday – clear up your mess!

  1. I can’t get you to do this if I don’t. So – I emptied out all my kitchen cupboards on Saturday and filled up the wheelie bin with stuff I haven’t used for 11+ years.

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