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As a Jack Canfield trainer we explore a number of coaching and development areas including Fitness and Health.

So I thought I’d share with you a book I bought recently called “Jamie Oliver – 5 Ingredients”

I was flicking through the book this morning and because we’ll all super busy and stretched for time I found just using 5 ingredients a really easy way to throw a meal together.

I apologise to all serious cooks, I am NO cook – I like quick, easy and healthy meals after a hard day’s work – don’t you?

Whilst it’s cold and dark my next cook-in session will include Comforting Sausage Bake – what will you choose?

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Bio: Lesley Strachan is a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles and is based in Hampshire, UK. Lesley is a personal life coach and works in the education and corporate sectors sector using over 30 years of experience to inspire and coach others towards making changes to their lives. She also works in corporate training arena focusing on the development of people to improve organisational efficiency. Lesley’s latest book is due out soon called “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to Bring Up Successful, Passionate and Self Reliant Young Adults.” It’s focused on over 30 years of experience working with young adults and this book will enable you to help them to discover what they really want to do in life. This book can be pre-ordered here or you can watch a mini webinar to find out more before you buy.





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