The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to bring up successful, passionate and self-reliant young adults


I’m writing a book about How to Help Your Kids Choose a Successful Career and Life. The book is called The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to bring up successful, passionate and self-reliant young adults.

Why am I doing this?

One of the predominant reasons for writing this book is that throughout my career in education I have noticed that there is a huge gap in the types coaching and mentoring that is available for both adults and young people aged 14+.

In school, we are taught various subjects, given a bit of guidance about what career we should follow and that’s about it. This situation continues to be of concern since the education sector continues to cut budgets and careers services which I’m going to talk about in greater detail later.

What I don’t see, or experience is how schools, colleges and universities or work places tap into the root passions that we are all born with. Imagine if the education system tapped into our core passions and promoted educational subjects around those passions instead of trying to pigeon-hole everyone.

As we get older it doesn’t get much better. How many adults do you know that are stuck in a job they have no passion for? It might even be you! Employers who have training budgets train them in skills and capabilities to do the job. What they don’t do enough of is to align people’s passions, skills and abilities to the organisation’s purpose. Wouldn’t the country be more productive if we all loved our lives and our jobs? Maybe it’s something we should all aspire to?

Do you have young people aged 14+ or know someone who has?

Would you like to pre-reserve a copy of the book? If so, please leave your details here.

In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful 2018.

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