Calling all L & D professionals


Calling all L & D professionals

In an article published by the CIPD it is suggested that 65% of today’s school children will be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. This poses a huge challenge for both HR and L&D professionals.

What skills and abilities will you and your workforce will need for the future?

How will you manage your talent pipeline for roles that don’t yet exist?

How do you prepare your workforce to respond efficiently to changing environments?

If you have:

  • A mobile transient workforce
  • 4 generations in the organisation
  • A need for digital learning
  • A remit for enhancing skills and capabilities then we should talk
  • A need to develop curiosity, creativity, innovation and change

Then I can support and inspire you to achieve real results in the development of both hard and soft skills to increase organisation productivity. Let’s chat soon.

Please feel free to connect with me to see if we could collaborate together.

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