How to start a business from the spare room in your house.

How to start a business from the spare room in your house.

Loads of us do this when we first start up – I did and most of the businesses I know did as well. Simon has now moved from his spare room to just buying the property where The Darling Buds of May was filmed and has since published an Amazon bestselling book.

I​ was privileged to meet Simon at The Business Empire Event recently where I got hold of his most recent book called ‘Intrepreneur’ so I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

He also owns the Internet Business School and with so much change happening in the field of internet marketing I decided to explore more about it. So, I’m off to his estate in Kent early next year for a three day internet marketing course to make sure I’m still ahead of the game.

What new things will you learn in the New Year? Will you start a business on your dining room table?

Here’s a photo of me and Simon at The Business Empires Event we went to recently.


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