What job did you do for work experience?


An overwhelming majority of senior business professionals agree that work experience should be compulsory in schools, according to a new survey commissioned by Arch Apprentices.

9 out of 10 surveyed said they believed work experience should be made compulsory with 68% saying it had potential to prepare young people for employment, and 57% saying it would help to instil a strong work ethic in the next generation.

When asked why they struggled to hire young people, 43% of business leaders said it was because job candidates lacked enthusiasm while a similar number (39%) said it was because most applicants had little or no work experience.

The study also asked parents of children aged 14-18 about their experiences with careers guidance at their child’s secondary school.

40% said that their child’s school didn’t offer work experience, whilst half reported that their schools didn’t provide information about apprenticeship schemes. Remarkably, a quarter said that their child’s school simply did not provide any careers advice at all.

Nearly half (48%) of parents surveyed feel they are ill-equipped when it comes to advising their kids on how to take their first steps into ever-evolving lines of work. The same number agree that work experience should be compulsory for their children, with 36% believing schools should be doing more to educate parents about the different types of jobs available.

Award winning coach Lesley Strachan adds “This isn’t new at all. The fallout from young people trying to get into the workplace with no work experience and low levels of passion and enthusiasm continue to this day. I to coach and mentor young people and adults  every week to find their passion early in life, and then everything else will fall into place.”

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