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Hi, I’m Lesley Strachan. I’m one of the SimVenture Evolution Learning and Development Managers and I work with academics just like you to bridge the gap between the technology and academia.

This is the first of a series of 12 short video diaries which I’ve put together to explain how we designed and ran a 12-week module at London South Bank University using SimVenture Evolution with 180 second-year undergraduate students studying a module called Managing Business & Innovation.

So, this video diary focuses purely on planning and preparation.

Critical to the success of the module was the planning and preparation. Over the 12 weeks the students will have 36 hours of contact time – 24 of those hours will be allocated to managing their virtual business using SimVenture Evolution.

12 weeks before teaching started in September I had my first meeting with the module leader Anna Howard.

At this meeting we reviewed the module handbook and cross referenced the aims, objectives and learning outcomes of the module to the simulation and found that the simulation to be a very good match.

The simulation was a great fit because the module is aimed at providing students with a practical understanding of setting up and managing a small or medium sized enterprise.

Whilst SimVenture Evolution is capable of many things at its core is its ability to allow students to run a whole company and deal with all the decisions that need to be made.

The teaching team and myself then met for a day at LSBU 4 weeks before the module started to flesh out the exact content. We put together a 12-week teaching schedule of lectures and seminars which were documented and uploaded to the student portal.

The teaching schedule also included a range of one-page case studies written by me to help students work through the learning process in the simulation. Copies of the case study in pdf format are also available for you to download off the SimVenture website and use with your students.

This daylong meeting was pivotal for three reasons:

  1. The module team were keen to know how the lecture and the SimVenture seminars would fit together and how we would embed theoretical knowledge into the module.
  2. We also wanted to give the students a coordinated and consistent approach, so we agreed to teach the same activities to all the students in the same way to achieve this.
  3. The teaching team were also keen to understand how the simulation would achieve the learning outcomes for the module, and we were able to allay any concerns around these aspects in our discussions.

So, now we’re ready for the first day of teaching – join me for the next video diary to learn more about how week one went, and how the students responded to the technology.

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