How To Choose A Life Coach

If you have decided that you need to make a change in your personal or professional life, you may have considered enlisting the help of a life coach. Deciding to seek out the help of a professional life coach is in itself an important step to take. However, you are then faced with the task of choosing a life coach that you think will best suit you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a life coach. Common considerations include the professional qualifications that they hold, their personality, client results and professional fees. Clearly, no single factor will overrule all others; to make an informed decision you will need to give careful consideration to multiple factors and decide which coaching professional is best placed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

In this article, we will outline our five-step process for choosing a life coach and explore a number of the factors that will help you choose a life coach.

1) Clarify What You Want To Achieve From Coaching

Before you approach a single life coach, try to clarify what you are seeking to achieve from coaching. You may have a set of goals or targets in mind such as becoming more confident, attaining greater financial freedom or managing a successful career change.

While your goals or targets are unlikely to be strictly defined at this stage, having a clear idea about them will help you to discuss what you want to achieve with the coaches that you approach. This will also empower you to lead the conversation with your coach and enquire about the specific coaching services that you require. If you know which coaching service you require, you will able to approach a life coach with specialised knowledge and expertise in this area.

2) Review Their Qualifications And Training

In the most part, life coaches are qualified and skilled professionals with a wealth of experience to share with their clients. However, a minority of coaches may not have the necessary qualifications and training to provide professional coaching services.


Many coaches will have attained degree level qualifications either during or before they started practicing as a life coach. While these may not be directly related to coaching or psychology, they will undoubtedly equip them with valuable knowledge and experience that can be used during the course of their coaching. You are likely to find coaches that have attained business degrees either at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Lesley Strachan has attained a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree alongside a wealth of experience from her university career during which she gained experience in lecturing, teaching and mentoring students of varying ability.


Some coaches will have undertaken additional coaching training in specific programmes or coaching methodologies such as The Jack Canfield Success Principles. While the fact that they have undertaken additional training does not guarantee the quality of their services, it does demonstrate that they are committed to coaching and that they possess specialist expertise within a particular area.

Lesley Strachan is a Certified Jack Canfield trainer. As a certified trainer, Lesley has been certified in Jack Canfield’s success principles and teaching philosophy. She has demonstrated learning and practice of the success principles materials and an ability to teach the success principals to individuals and organisations.

3) Examine Their Results And Client Feedback

Taking the time to examine the results and client feedback of a life coach is a worthwhile exercise. It is important that you can appreciate the results that a coach has previously achieved so you can see whether these align with the goals and targets that you identified in step one.

Seek out their testimonials and case studies and try to gain an understanding the type of clients that the coach works with. You may find that they operate with a specific niche such as education or that they provide more general coaching services.

The best coaches will be transparent about the results that they have achieved and any feedback that they have gained. Lesley is very much committed to a transparent and positive approach, so she has a published collection of testimonials for prospective clients to review.

4) Find Out About Their Fees

Although fees are not the most important or deciding factor when choosing a life coach, they are likely to have a bearing on your decision. You may have a set budget for coaching or a general idea about what you are willing to invest in your personal and professional progress.

The fees charged by a life coach are usually determined by their level of experience and the qualifications that they hold. Clearly a very experienced life coach will be considerably more expensive than a less established coach. However, it is important to remember that while they may have significantly higher fees, their experience often affords them with an ability to achieve better results in less time, something that is valuable for every client.

Many coaches choose to publish their coaching fees on their website to help customers decide what can be achieved within their coaching budget. In addition to finding out what the fees are, find out what arrangements are available. Some coaches will charge by the hour, while others offer structured coaching programmes. The former arrangement will undoubtedly offer a high degree of flexibility while the latter would suit individuals that seek a defined outcome within a pre-determined timeframe.

Lesley’s coaching fees are freely available online. Her service range includes webinars, individual coaching and group workshops. This varied range of services allows her to offer accessible and affordable coaching services, with a webinar module costing just £15 and an hour of online one to one coaching priced at £110.

5) Arrange A Free Coaching Consultation

The final step in choosing a life coach is arguably the most important. By arranging a free coaching consultation you will be able to experience your coach in action and decide whether they would be a good fit for you and your goals.

During your consultation you should aim to get to know your coach and explain what you are seeking to achieve from coaching. It is also advisable to find out about their approach to coaching and to clarify any questions that you may have.

Lesley offers a free 30-minute no-obligation coaching session to all prospective clients. During this consultation you can explain what you are looking to achieve from coaching and ask any questions that you have.

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