Birkbeck’s Enterprise Pathway extended

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Birkbeck’s Enterprise Pathways programme is extending its offering this year for students looking to develop their business skills and gain experience of running an enterprise.

They are introducing SimVenture Evolution to a group of students who have taken part in previous enterprise initiatives on campus and will now take their learning a step further.

The aim is to develop a range of skills from Business & Financial Management to key Employability & Entrepreneurial talents to progress their knowledge in a challenging setting.

Teams will compete to be the most profitable company – but the focus is for all participants to complete the course with new knowledge and skills to take into their own ventures. May the best team win!

I have just completed the tutor training for staff involved in facilitating the module and the feedback is excellent and includes questions such as:

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend your instructor to other academics? – 100%
  2. How knowledgeable was your instructor? – Very knowledgeable
  3. How clearly did your instructor explain the course material? – Very clearly
  4. How concerned was your instructor you were learning the material you needed? – Very concerned
  5. How organized for class was your instructor? – Very organized
  6. How well did your instructor answer your questions? – Very well
  7. Was the speed with which your instructor presented the course material too fast, too slow, or about right? – The right amount
  8. Any areas where your instructor did particularly well? – Discussing around the points made on the PowerPoint slides was really helpful – I got a good grasp of how to deliver the session coming up.
  9. Finally, is there further feedback/testimonial that you would like to provide or anything else you would like to say? – Very approachable – I know I can get in touch when stuck and I’ve come away with a good understanding of next steps and moving ahead with the programme, JD.

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