How to get help if you’re Start-Up.

Start-Up Disruptors a very different networking group for:

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We meet in a pub once a month; the atmosphere is relaxed, informal and supportive and very different from many other networking events I’ve been to. We all get a slot to pitch ourselves for 30 seconds to say what we do and then there is loads of time to chat to whoever you want to.

What I value the most is the opportunity for anyone to discuss a problem that they are experiencing in their business and “ask” other people in the network for help. In my case I want to get in front of education boards, boards of governors, parent teachers associations, careers advisers, teacher training days (inset days) and can do some workshops with young people and do some underpinning research. Can you help me please?

I want to do this because over 50% of students I teach and coach have no idea why they are at college or university which makes their choice of degree subject and their commitment to learning less effective. Many young people are also concerned about not finding a job, with young women being most worried (

I’ve been doing life and career coaching with young people for 14 years to focus on what they really, really want to do in life and I help them achieve their goals and aspirations. These young people are visibly more passionate about their learning because they have an end goal in mind. It works for adults as well. So if you need a proven successful Methodology I can get you from where you are where now to where you want to be pretty quickly, are you up for it?

Watch this video which shows some of my students who were asked to come to an event in 2026. At this event, they met up with each again and swapped stories about how successful they’ve been and how they have achieved their goals using The Jack Canfield Methodology…the results are priceless.

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