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The Benefits Of Coaching For Postgraduate Study

Choosing to undertake further study is a significant personal and professional decision. Depending on whether you have elected to complete your course on a part-time or full-time basis, you have committed to completing either two years or a year of university education. As a postgraduate student, you will be eager to get the highest possible return on your investment in a postgraduate education.

There are several variables that will determine whether or not you will attain a good return on your investment in postgraduate education. Many of these variables, including your lecturers, course and the prevailing culture at your university are mostly beyond your control. However, there is one variable, which is perhaps the most significant of them all that you can influence – you.

Your approach and attitude to postgraduate study is a significant factor in determining your success. In this article, we outline how coaching can help you complete your postgraduate studies successfully and achieve the highest possible return on your investment in postgraduate education.

Key Benefits

Consistent Guidance And Support

Throughout your course, you will find that the guidance and support that you require will change, from the start of your course when you will be settling in, to the final stage of your course when your dissertation and next steps become your overriding priority. While your university will of course be there to guide and support you, sometimes it can be beneficial to seek further guidance and support.

By engaging a life coach, especially one with extensive experience within the education sector, you will be able to benefit from independent yet informed advice. Lesley Strachan has lectured and managed students at a postgraduate level and is well placed to provide guidance and advice in a life coaching capacity.

Help With Goal Setting And Performance Planning

At the start of your course, it is important that you set goals for your postgraduate study and develop a step-by-step action plan for achieving them. Goal setting and planning are just as important for your studies as they are for any other area of your life.

It is particularly important that you set suitable goals that are aligned with your passions. Setting appropriate and meaningful goals can be a challenge without guidance. However, with the guidance of a life coach, you will be able to gain personal one to one feedback on your goals and action plans. Your life coach will also be able to make informed suggestions based upon their decades of experience in coaching and teaching. As a result of your life coach assisted goal setting and planning, you can expect to propel yourself into your postgraduate studies and set yourself on course for great results.

Create And Maintain A Balanced Lifestyle

Postgraduate study is without a doubt more demanding than many other forms of education. The academic standards and time demands placed upon postgraduate students can make it incredibly challenging for postgraduate students to create and maintain a balanced lifestyle while studying.

Whether you are a full-time student or a part-time student who is working alongside your course, maintaining a balanced lifestyle is critical if you are going to perform well throughout your course.

A life coach can help you to balance your postgraduate studies alongside your work and personal commitments. Maintaining a workable balance can be achieved through prioritising, planning and improving your effectiveness. Your coach will be able to advise you as to how to best meet all of your commitments, while also enjoying all aspects of your life.

Overcome Problems And Obstacles

Encountering problems and obstacles during your course is highly likely. In some cases they may relate to your course, in which case they are best resolved by your university. Other problems and obstacles can be more personal and may fall outside of your university’s remit.

Perhaps you have a great, well thought out plan but you are struggling to find the time and energy to action it. This is a common problem that is often encountered by students and busy professionals.

Or you may have lost the initial spark that you once had for your course. In this case, your life coach can help you by reminding you of your goals, and life plan. Receiving a timely reminder of your goals and life plan alongside some targeted professional guidance can be an effective way to restore this spark. If you lose your spark, you may also experience a fall in your motivation and energy. In this case, the impetus for action is ever greater.

You often encounter problems and obstacles at what may seem to be the worst possible time. Fortunately, with a considered approach and an appropriate level of resilience you should be able to overcome them. Life coaching should help to prepare you for problems and obstacles that you encounter and equip you with the tools to proactively respond to them.

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