How Coaching Can Help You Get And Stay Motivated

Motivation can be hard to come by. Often, it only materialises when negative consequences lie just around the corner. For example, you may only return borrowed library books the day before they are due back, or you might put off getting your vehicle’s MOT done until just before it expires. In these cases, motivation to get things done comes from negative emotions of fear and anxiety, such as the fear of being hit with a fine, or being unable to get to work.

This article explains how coaching and the Jack Canfield Success Principles can help you to get – and stay – motivated.

A Fresh Start

Many people use New Years’ Day as a fresh start because of its convenient social significance as the beginning of a New Year. However, you can give yourself a fresh start at any time. The important thing here is to believe in your fresh start, and there are two ways in which you can help yourself do this.

Firstly, you may like to use an important life event, such as a change of job, moving house or getting married, as a marker. This will give you a fresh burst of energy to achieve your goals. You could also use negative life experiences, such as a relationship breakup or redundancy, to start afresh. This will help you to disconnect yourself from the bad experience, move on, and look forward to what your future has to offer. You could use the marker as a point at which to start a new exercise routine, sit a new qualification or start a new business.

Another way of making the fresh start believable is to write yourself a note, summarising why you want a fresh start and what you intend to do with it. For example, you may state that you have been wrapped up in moving house or planning a wedding, and now that it has passed you can study for a qualification to help you further your career.

Lesley Strachan, a certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Life Coach, can help you to make a fresh start. Together, you can establish at what point you want your marker to be as well as making the best of your fresh start.

Small, Measurable Goals

 You may have a major, long-term goal in mind, but this is most likely not achievable in a single step. According to Jack Canfield, one of the main reasons behind procrastination is a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is why it is vital to break the long-term goal into smaller, short-term goals.

For example, you may want to start a new business. The process of establishing a new business from scratch can take at least several months or even a few years, so it would be wise to break it down into smaller chunks. You could start by sitting an industry qualification, which would give you skills and credibility in the field in which your business will specialise.

The other important aspect to remember when setting goals is to make them measurable. Instead of just making a vague pledge to sit some sort of qualification, specify the level, exam board and name of the qualification and set a time limit. This will help you motivate yourself to achieve the goal by making it more realistic and making you more accountable for achieving it.

The same technique can be applied to mundane, everyday tasks. By making a list of all your tasks, particularly those you are less willing to do, you can tick each one off as you complete it. The feeling of being able to tick another task off of your list will motivate you to do the next task and prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

With Lesley Strachan’s help and expertise, you can set yourself small, measureable goals, fight procrastination and achieve your long-term ambitions. By applying Jack Canfield’s principles to her coaching, Lesley can help you to define your path to success.

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