How Satisfied Are You with Your Career, Relationships, and Life?

If you’re not completely happy, maybe it’s because of all the demands and responsibilities that occupy your time. You probably need to earn money and therefore have a job? Do you LOVE your job? If not, why are you settling for something less than you want? You might also be thinking, “This just isn’t the right time because there’s too much going on…”

You may have a job which has opportunities for a clear career path (or not) and equally you may feel on edge all the time because you fear redundancy, severance or big changes at work. So, how do you go about being prepared for something which may or may not happen. Or do you think, “There must be something holding me back from that promotion, that move, or that passion…”

Many of us want more free time in our lives and busy Mum’s especially will always put themselves first at the expenses of their health and wellbeing. As a Mum, myself I know how frustrating this can be, but building in time to look after yourself is the one thing that helped me stay sane. If you’re not fit and healthy how does this impact on you and your family responsibilities? This includes frustrations about eating, diet and exercise which all have a role to play in you staying at the top of your game. Many Mum’s want to get back to work and do something different, is that you, and how do know which direction you’d like to go in?

With our kids in mind what do you want for them? “What do they want to be when they grow up?” Or, more importantly would you like to help them discover themselves and be happy in their lives? Once they’ve moved on from school and the fun of going to college and university comes to an end a new exciting career beckons and I’m sure as parents you worry about how to advise them, I know I did?

The impact of negative relationships also sucks the life out of you at times. I’ve made a mess of some relationships I must admit, but holding onto blame and negative thoughts is not productive in the long-term, it becomes toxic for you and everyone around you. I’ve also been affected by other people’s comments and attitudes towards my relationships but they are mine to mess up not theirs! In life, it’s OK to mess up, that’s how we learn.

I bet you’ve also had some personal goals at the back of your mind and don’t know if they will ever come to fruition.

What’s holding you back?

Yes, the answer is YOURSELF.

Now that might feel a bit harsh, but I’d like you to stop for a second and really think about it. The reasons above aren’t reasons, they’re excuses. Excuses that you are making. They aren’t the truth. They’re lies you’re telling yourself.

You want all these wonderful things, but these excuses deny you of your potential.

The only roadblocks and obstacles on your path to success are the ones you create for yourself. And you can either choose to plough through them or sit back and lie to yourself.

I want you to read Jack Canfield’s new blog post: “How We Lie to Ourselves”, here.

One of the most common excuses I often hear is, “I don’t have enough money, time etc.”

So, what do people do? They wait (or pray) for a big break. I want to ask you not to wait for a break but to create the break you want and NOW. A great example is Peter Dinklage’s story who is an actor in Game of Thrones, check out his story and then ask yourself what you’re waiting for.

Take Action Towards The Life You Want Today

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