Funding successful mentoring programmes for young people in Lancashire


In January 2016, the government announced the launch of a national mentoring campaign to strengthen and support mentoring across the country. Bringing together schools and colleges, employers, mentoring organisations and young people to grow the number of high-quality, employer-led mentoring relationships across England.

Mentoring can support young people’s engagement with education, their attainment and transition to work. Evidence shows that employer mentoring can have a significant and observable impact on young people, and be a positive experience for mentors. Positive outcomes for young people include improvements in behaviour, engagement, attainment and progression.

Earlier this year Education Business Partnership (NW) Ltd was successful in their application for funding from the government-backed Careers & Enterprise Company’s Investment Fund.

The funding supports students across Lancashire who are about to start their GCSEs but are at risk of disengaging from education which can have a lasting impact on their future and career later in life.

Since March 2017 Education Business Partnership (NW) Ltd has worked with 63 students from 7 secondary schools.   A total of 28 mentors, from a range of occupational areas, have engaged, inspired and encouraged students to raise their aspirations through a programme of ‘hands on delivery’ and visits to local employers.

I’ve been banging on about the lack of support that students receive in terms of coaching and mentoring for years so this article by Andrew Mann was a breath of fresh air this week. What we need now is to see this great work all over the UK.

My main aim is to get into schools, colleges and universities and work with groups of teachers, parents and students and complete a series of exciting and stimulating exercises which:

  • Clarifies students vision and goals.
  • Support them through their fears.
  • Keeps them focused.
  • Confronts their unconscious behaviours and old patterns of behaviour.
  • Expects them to do their best-and holds them to it!
  • Help students live by their personal values.
  • Show them how to get more out of their studies and be more engaged in the classroom.
  • Keeps them focused on their core passions and interests.

We believe that young people are not getting the amount of support they should have to help them make great decisions about the subjects they choose to study. This in turn impacts on their future career choices. This becomes even more important as students go through college and university where over 50% of university students I have taught have no idea of what they want to do with their lives.

Coaching is available either on a regular basis or on an ad-hoc basis. We come to the school and work with groups of up to 25 in practical interactive workshops where we also have a huge amount of fun. We work with you to design a specific programme for your teachers, parents and students and this can be delivered in one-hour workshops over a period, or in a half, or full day of training.

The workshops are taught by experienced coaches who have had 30 years of experience working with young people. Coaches are Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles™ trainers who work with a proven strategy that is been used for over 40 years. We are very excited to be bring these workshops to the UK so that we can help you to produce similar fantastic results for your students.

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