Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and overloaded with all the information available about career options?

Are you a parent/carer/head of school or academic who is frustrated, overwhelmed and overloaded with all the so-called information available about career options?

And then try to decide what’s best?

Hi, my name is Lesley Strachan and I help people get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Over 50% of students I teach have no idea why they are at college or university which makes their choice of degree subject and their commitment to learning less effective. The majority of young people are also concerned about not finding a job, with young women being most worried (

I’ve been working with young people for 14 years to focus on what they really, really want to do in life and I help them achieve their goals and aspirations. These young people are visibly more passionate about their learning because they have an end goal in mind. It works for adults as well.

Watch this video which shows some of my students who were asked to come to an event in 2026. At this event, they met up with each again and swapped stories about how successful they’ve been and how they have achieved their goals using The Jack Canfield Methodology…the results are priceless.

Also, if they don’t put in the work we immediately cancel the coaching because I don’t want to waste my time either. Would you like you or your child to work with us to get you the results you want?

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