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The 24th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, taking place 5 – 7 September 2017, University of Liverpool, UK, will bring together practitioners, researchers and policy makers from across sectors. Together we will chart the development of Learning Technology from isolated islands of ‘innovation’ to becoming the new norm – and the challenges this entails for staff and learners alike. We will explore how we move from individual innovation to institutional integration at scale.

Conference themes:

  • Empowerment in Learning Technology: supporting students through staff/student partnerships, students as influencers, developing skills and supporting staff at all levels;
  • Learning Spaces: impact of Learning Technology on the physical and the virtual, strategies for enabling innovation, effectively managing change;
  • Moving from the practical to the ‘publishable’: reporting from the forefront of innovation and research, policy and strategy fit (or not) for what’s ahead, sharing practice and scaling up Learning Technology through large-scale institutional projects;
  • At the forefront of innovation: ethical implications of ‘data’ for learning and teaching, making use of data in assessment, the hype around AI, machine learning and learning analytics and what’s beyond;
  • Wildcard: you are free to contribute any aspect of your research, practice or policy work.

As innovators and pioneers ourselves Venture Simulations will be attending because we have a sophisticated on-line business simulation called SimVenture Evolution which allows people to set up, manage and grow a virtual company whilst learning about business and entrepreneurial leadership. Users make decisions in all key business areas and respond to consequences and specific activities. Using the ‘Control Tower’ within Evolution, tutors/trainers set tasks, observe, manage and assess work in class or remotely.

As a multi-platform content-rich simulation, Evolution engages users in problem-based, experiential learning at a deeper level allowing theory and practice to combine. Since the technology has been developed for education and corporate sector training, Evolution enhances both undergraduate and postgraduate employability skill development, as well as supporting people whose business is starting or scaling up.

Comprehensive Support for HEIs

The team responsible for developing Evolution is recruiting an expanding team of Learning and Development Managers (LDMS) to support the planned integration of Evolution into HEIs. All LDMS have many years’ experience teaching within universities as well as in the corporate sector, typically at a senior level.

Rather than just provide one-off product training to tutors, LDMS are available year-round to work with a department or team within your institution. This support allows the technology to be embedded and integrated into required programs/modules and helps ensure: planned and highly competent teaching; improvement in overall student experience; enhanced TEF performance; completion of meaningful research into use of new technology in teaching; cross university partnerships; and development of programs to foster support for associated start-up and scale-up businesses.

LDMS can provide all the following services:

  • Integration and mapping of Evolution Scenarios to Modules/Programs
  • Setup of Simulation for Students and Staff
  • Provision of Accounts for all Students and Staff
  • Launch of Evolution at the start of a Module/Program
  • On-site Delivery to Students including head-to-head competitions
  • Staff Training (on-site and on-line)
  • Impact Research Survey Design
  • Impact Research Data Collection
  • Advice on Research Journal Articles
  • Advice on Partnering with other HEIs
  • Mid and End of Term site visits

If you’re going to the conference let’s have a coffee and a chat. Tweet me @strachan_lesley

Lesley Strachan

Learning and Development Manager

Learning and Teaching Fellow| Senior Fellow HEA| MCIM| DipMgmt(Open)| MBA

Simulations Powering Learning Revolutions

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