What’s your passion in life?

During my training as a Jack Canfield life and business trainer I completed what we call the passion exercise several times.

This exercise is brilliant for helping people to get in touch with the things that bring you joy and happiness. These things are your inner guidance system and tells you when you on track or not. They are what you love to do, have a strong interest in, or are passionate about. It’s what you should be basing your career and life on, not what other people want you to do.

Step one involves looking back over your life, when did you experience the most joy? What were you doing? These include the things that make you happy and are passionate about.

Step 2 then encourages you to look over your list and see if there are any common elements or themes to the times you felt the most joy/happiness/passion. If there are themes or common elements, what might they be?

Step 3 encourages you to notice how you feel when you focus on what you want, your energy raises, when you focus on what you don’t want, energy lowers. Many people spend time focusing on what they don’t want, when focus is shifted to what you want, energy rises.

Step 4 creates the opportunity to make any changes however large or small in your life? What are they?

For me, I continue to have a lifelong passion for music, dance and dress making. Somewhere along the line I gave all these things up, I worked hard and brought my son up and always thought I would go back to my passions in life. Since training and qualifying as a certified Jack Canfield trainer I’ve re-discovered these passions and managed to bring them all together into one pastime and that is Regency Dancing.

After a lifetime of dancing in pointe shoes and tutus my body won’t take the stress anymore and staying closer the ground is a great way forward by dancing in the Regency style with a group of like-minded lovely people called The Duke of Wellingtons Dancers. There is something calm and elegant about this form of dancing. I burn off around 4000 calories during our two hours of dancing. It’s also a great way of switching off from 21st century living. I make all my own day and ball gowns and travel all over the place to events and balls. Next year I plan to travel to balls in Florence and Malta thus fulfilling my other passion for travel.

This month our group were a big part of the BBC documentary about Jane Austen who died 200 years ago but the Pride and Prejudice author’s legacy lives on to this day. The BBC programme is called “My friend Jane” which aired on Monday 17 July at 7pm and airs again on BBC2 on Saturday 22nd July at 14:50. Here is a link to the programme. I’m the one with the huge white feather in my hair.

Enjoy the programme

Lesley xx

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