I’m going to be on TV!

For many years I have had a passion for music, dance and dress making. Somewhere along the line of working full time and bringing up my son I put these passions aside.

However over the last few years I’ve re-discovered them and managed to bring them all together into one pastime and that is Regency Dancing. After a lifetime of dancing in pointe shoes and tutus my body won’t take the stress anymore and staying closer the ground is a great way forward by dancing in the Regency style.

I make all my own day and ball gowns and travel all over the place to events and balls.

In June we filmed for the BBC programme called “My friend Jane” which airs on BBC One South, 17 July at 7pm (we may be on BBC South Today just before this) and on BBC TWO 22 July at 2.50pm.

Here’s a preview of the programme. I’m the one with the huge white feather in my hair.

Enjoy the programme

Lesley xx

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