The Success Principles Workshops now available in Adult Education

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Hi, I’m Lesley Strachan and I’m passionate about helping people in the local community
to explore how to get:
– More money and financial freedom
– A career change, return to work or options for leaving work
– Time for themselves and a balanced lifestyle
– Improved health and fitness
– A change in a relationship
– In place, some personal goals in life
– Involved with their local community
– Their young people into a career they will be passionate about
This is a practical ‘hands on programme. Each week participants will receive handouts
to complete in class and take away so that they can track their successes.
These unique workshops are based upon The Success Principles™ designed by Jack
Canfield and have used by the world’s most successful people for over 40 years. As a
Certified Jack Canfield coach, here in the UK I would like to offer people in your
community this unique programme. There is no assessment but a certificate is
available at the end of the programme.
Workshops include:
• Workshop 1 – Taking 100% responsibility for your life and your results
• Workshop 2 – Be clear why you are here (Clarify your purpose in life)
• Workshop 3 – Four techniques to clarify what you want
• Workshop 4 – Clean up your messes, and set yourself 101 goals!
• Workshop 5 – Create breakthrough goals [business, job, career, financial,
relationships, health and fitness, fun time and recreation, personal and

Coming soon to your local adult education centre in Hampshire, UK

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