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Our Annual Round-up celebrates our second year of operation and the work we are doing with our valued partners to inspire and prepare young people for the world of work.

Research by The Gatsby Foundation and Education and Employers Taskforce has laid out a clear blueprint for what young people need: encounters with the world of work, information about careers and the labour market and support making a plan.

Our Annual Round-up details how we have started executing against this blueprint. We have built a national network of 1,700 senior business volunteers, working with half of all secondary schools and colleges in England to connect them with local employers and best-in-class service providers. This network is supported by more than 100 professional and trained Enterprise Coordinators.

It also details how we have launched investment funds supporting more than 100 of the best careers and enterprise programmes and leveraged over £15 million in match funding to date. We have surpassed our target of supporting more than 250,000 young people through our first Investment Fund, 6 months ahead of schedule. These efforts have been underpinned by our research on where need is greatest and what works best, to ensure a brighter future for our young people and economy.

I am proud to be a Career & Enterprise adviser for a school in Southampton and look forward to helping them design a strategic plan for both staff and students.

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